Willow vs. Elvie: the best hands-free chest pump? After years of little biggest progress to bust stations, we have choose live-in an age of family member plethora.

Willow vs. Elvie: the best hands-free chest pump? After years of little biggest progress to bust stations, we have choose live-in an age of family member plethora.

These day there are two breasts pumps which can be large jumps forwards for nursing or chestfeeding moms and dads: the Elvie while the Willow

Both Elvie and Willow tend to be self-contained breast heels which are hold in spot with one insurance coverage nursing hooter harness. They keep going chargeable battery packs – the Willow uses an A/V charger along with Elvie makes use of USB cabling. We have now examined them both precise, but in this article we’re putting all of them head-to-head.

The Elvie exists to buy either as an individual pump or a couple of two, whilst Willow is merely readily available as a set of two. Since we think nearly all users will pick double push, that is what we are going to get researching in this posting.

What is during the field?

The Elvie double push is sold with:

Two hubs (the generators)

4 5-ounce bottles

2 24mm breasts shields

2 28mm bust defenses

4 hooter harness adjusters

2 USB charging wiring

2 flanges in the proportions you selected

24 4-ounce milk products handbags

2 cleansing brushes

It is the first level of differentiation within the Willow and Elvie. The Elvie boats with sufficient components to pump twice without needing to clean anything aside from the chest guards. This was available in handy for me personally as I had to pour in the vehicle whilst travelling; i really could only stash the filthy parts in a bag to scrub at my place.

If you should be working on both side, you will want to wash the Willow’s devices before utilizing it again, and it can malfunction without typical maintenance.

What are the differences when considering the Willow as well Elvie bust pump?

The leading dissimilarities become:

How much cash milk each holds

Exactly how active you can be while you push

Just how complicated they have been to make use of

The manner in which you keep the milk


Let us focus on bucks. The Elvie’s two fold pump spending $499 but offers more products as a whole. The Willow furthermore is priced at $499 and incorporates 24 regarding the business’s proprietary bags. Reusable milk products dishes are offered separately for $50, and a package of bags try $23.99 for 48.

If you’re pumping with the Elvie, or the Willow’s reusable milk container, you can store breast milk in freezer bags, which are available at most stores from brands like Lansinoh or Medela. If you are making use of the exclusive Willow storing bags, you should buy them directly from the organization for $23.99 for a plan of 48.

Activities rates

This sort of pump provides higher movement than typical bust pumps that have to be plugged into a wall surface as well as have prolonged pipes connecting the flanges toward the engine. These are likewise a lot more very discreet to utilize. The Elvie and Willow https://datingmentor.org/buddhist-dating/ tends to be single-user pumps and cannot be provided. Each try eligible to be bought with money from a health checking account (HSA) or a flexible paying profile (FSA). Fractional insurance coverage is offered in the event you get hold of your insurer.

The Willow appears to have the obvious sides with respect to precisely what activities you are able to do while pumping, thanks to the one-way valve from inside the case. Using a snug bra keeps the Willow safe enough execute yoga stretches or any other moderate-intensity actions, actually the spot that the pump will become inverted or as soon as the user was prone. This can be an engineering accomplishment on its own.

Having on the Elvie don’t think nearly secure enough to test exercises or appreciable moving around while putting. I did not choose to exposure interrupting the seal and achieving to start out with in.

Milk products volume

The Elvie can handle an even greater volume of dairy manufactured in a treatment – 5 ounces than 4 ounces for Willow. The Willow turns off quickly in the event it detects it’s whole. This is often a needed function due to the fact are not able to find out how very much milk is within the case as long as you’re pumping. But’s furthermore possible for the pump to close off prematurely when detector are wrong.

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